Zero UI and the Future of Designs

Goodman Zero UI thinking is the primer for next-gen design innovations. Zero UI is relatively new but if you have used an Amazon Echo, changed channel by waving at Microsoft Kinect, you already have used a device based on Good man Zero UI.

According to Fjord Designer Andy Goodman “Zero UI refers to a paradigm where our movements, voice, glances, and even thoughts can all cause systems to respond to us through our environment.” It implies changing the modes of interaction between humans and machines or components from abstract and complex to personalized, simple and highly intelligent.

Think of a situation where you wake up in the morning go beneath a shower and say shower and water starts flowing. Similarly when you speak bread, the toaster picks up the bread, toasts it and then pops it out or you utter open site in front of PC Screen and the browser picks up your language.

The highest stage of Zero UI culminates in Artificial Intelligence. Rather than mobile first in design, it will be AI first in Design. Those days are not far when words like contemplation, anticipation, stress, empathetic would be understood by machines if Zero UI advances at rapid pace.

Some objectives that Zero UI needs to attain

  • Reducing time spent on computers and machines
  • Personalizing every user-machine interaction
  • Making transactions rid of distance and time factors
  • Human – Machine interface becomes more predictive
  • End screen based interface completely
  • Increase the value a design process delivers to a business manifold times
  • Provide more human manifestation in future designs

The way I perceive the ZERO UI process to move forward. First would be the basic development of interaction. Presently we communicate with devices through gestural, voice and text based means

Gestural Interfaces which uses sensors to identify movements, change in body temperature, retinal dilation, face mapping (the best example and applicable example of face mapping has been provided in I-phone X) etc. Project Soli or X-box Kinect are also good examples

Voice Interfaces used in Voice Recognition software and many mobile and android applications. IOS Siri (Apple IN) is one good example of such interface. Amazon Echo is also one good example.

Messaging Interfaces

Designs like Google assistant and chatbots helps you text any query and get response just like you get from another human. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the future of devices could be, well, the end of devices and I believe that Zero UI thinking is the key to that.